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Published on: 5 November 2023

Last Saturday’s final match of the RWC2023 Rugby World Cup was a nail-biter and the winners were never definite until the final whistle blew and the Cup stayed in our determined Springboks’s hands. The firework display from the top of the Stade de France lit up Paris, much to the joy of our nation. On leaving the Alliance Francaise in the centre of CPT, after the screening of the match, I could hear the joyful cheers across the City, where streets were closed off, to allow revellers to celebrate.

That, I thought, was my last encounter with the “Bokke” but as I walked through international arrivals at ORTIA on Monday morning, on my way to a short break in the bush, there were TV crews and singing fans standing at the exit, waiting for the Bokke, who had just landed. It was a great welcome for them and they deserved it. (Image courtesy of AFP PIC).

I then flew up to the edge of the Kruger where I experienced a few days seeing lots of little bokke prancing around amongst elephants, hippos, rhinos, lions and all that our bush has to offer. I get so immersed in my work that I forget what natural beauty we have surrounding us in South Africa, and realise how peaceful and rewarding it is, to get back in touch with nature. I need to take more breaks like that. Landing  back here in Cape Town on Friday afternoon, I noticed a large crowd gathered around the domestic departures hall, singing, dancing and waving flags. It was the Bokke again, having just completed a Victory Parade through the streets of CPT. I think that was my final encounter, unless some of them turn up at my shop to taste my French cheese as a memory of Paris.

We are having a busy weekend at the shop. We have received a large stock of cheese from France, including Delice triple creamVacherousse and loads more. Do come in and treat yourselves.

The fresh white truffle from Italy has just appeared at the start of the season. There will be a small stock coming in to ZA this weekend, pre-ordering is essential, if you would like some please let me know.

The artichoke season has finally ended and we are now getting in a few fresh porcinis. I have a delicious recipe for polenta and porcinis. I recommend pairing with a full flavoured Chardonnay such as the Pernand Vergelesses Chardonnay from Louis Latour, that we stock, as you need a full flavoured wine to balance the strong taste of the porcinis and garlic. See recipe below.

In our delicious patisserie range we have a new sponge style cake topped with a passion fruit glaze. It is a work of art, plus it tastes amazing.

I hope you are having a great weekend and look forward to seeing you in the shop soon.


Suzanne and The French Market Team

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