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The French Market sources fresh produce from farms in the region. We stock produce that is growing in the season.

White asparagus grows for about 2 weeks only in September.

Globe artichokes grow in the Voor Paardeberg in Spring time from about September to end of October. As soon as the weather starts to warm up the artichokes disappear.

Fresh porcini mushrooms grow in the SAPPI pine forest from about November for several weeks. The rest of the year we have seasonal vegetables and fruit that are supplied by local farms.

Our large free range fresh eggs come from a farm in Worcester where the chickens run amongst the vines.

We have raw honey from the West coast which has a dense texture and slightly smokey aroma, it is the best we have tasted.

We also get black mussels and oysters freshly harvested from the West Coast sea. These are by pre-order only.

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