Frozen Pastries, Pasta & Dairy

Croissants and Pain du Chocolate

One of our greatest product successes has been the introduction of frozen French pastries to our clients. Imagine sitting here at the other end of the world from Paris, and eating a freshly baked croissant, that is as good as one you would find at a little café in Paris. During the pandemic many clients assured us that the ability to eat freshly baked French croissants and pain au chocolat each morning at home, kept their spirits up during the worst of the lock down.

The reason why the pastries are so good is because they are made in France with real French butter and fine quality ingredients. We bring croissants and baguettes into Cape Town uncooked, and frozen. All you have to do to cook them, is to place them in the oven or an air fryer, and they turn out perfectly every time, you can taste the difference.

Have them as a treat on the weekend, take them away on holiday or just make freshy baked baguettes for your children’s lunch box.


Our frozen French pastries stock includes butter croissants, almond filled croissants, chocolate hazelnut filled croissants, pain au chocolat and demi baguettes. As these products are frozen they can only be delivered within an hour or so from the centre of Cape Town.

Mini Danish pastries 40g size come with various fillings. Quick to cook and serve for tea.

Frozen sweet pastry tartlet cases are also available.

Frozen Dairy

Frozen Buffala Mozzarella cheese from Italy. Made with milk from water buffaloes. The texture inside the mozzarella is slightly ridged.

Frozen Burratta cheese from Italy. Made with cow’s milk, this cheese has a soft centre.

Frozen Butter with salt crystals from Brittany. This butter is rich and dense and the salt crystals give an amazing crunchiness to the butter.

Frozen Galettes pack of 6. These dark brown colored pancakes are made with gluten free Sarrasin flour (buckwheat flour). Traditionally filled with a savoury filling such as slices of ham, melted cheese and eggs.

Frozen pasta

Frozen Pasta

From Italy we have a range of frozen pastas. Pop them in boiling water and serve them with one of our Italian sauces.

Tagliatelle and Spaghetti

Filled pastas include: Pasta filled with mushroom and truffles, Pasta filled with tomatoes, Pasta filled with cheese, Pasta filled with spinach and ricotta, Pasta filled with Prosciutto crudo.

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