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Published on: 25 March 2024

Bonjour French Market Friends,

Last week “Francophonie” the celebration of French language and culture was celebrated around the world. Our Francophonie market held last Saturday, in the grounds of the Belgian Embassy was a great success. The event was attended by several thousand visitors throughout the day. We had a stall with plenty of French cheeses and wines, thanks to my amazing team, we almost sold out by the end of the day.

Luckily, we have received yesterday a new shipment of 100kgs of all our favourite French cheeses from Paris, in time for Easter special meals next weekend. Back in stock are the top favourites such as the Brie with the layer of truffle cream. The triple cream Delice from Burgundy which is rich and decadent.

We have beautiful Camemberts from the farms in Normandie, in individual wooden boxes which are ideal for cheese boards, we also have large 1kg wheels of Camemberts, which we can slice to suit our client’s preferences. We have 3kg wheels of Brie which are great for large parties. We have received Epoisses from Burgundy, this is probably the smelliest of the French cheese.

New in the shop are bake at home Camemberts already prepared with garlic – bake either in the oven or microwave. Another new product is beautiful butter from Bordeaux with added salt crystals from Guerande.

We have a Petit Cantal Entre Deux. This cheese is one of the most ancient cheeses from Auvergne, it is the precedent to the cheddar style cheese, with a sharp, tangy, dense texture and dry crust. The name identifies that its age is between 2 seasons (aged at least 4 months). It comes in an 8 kg wheel and is quite challenging to cut.

In the blue cheese range, we have received new stocks of Roquefort from the town of the same name, in the hot southwest region of France. This unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese is salty and tangy and considered by the French to be the best blue cheese in the world. We also received Fourme d’Ambert, a smoother, gentler blue, made with pasteurised cow’s milk. We have Bleu D’Auvergne, a raw milk, mature blue cheese, which has a great depth of flavour.

In our French mountain cheese, we have a new cheese which is a Tomme, a wheel of firm textured cow’s milk flavoured with black summer truffle, it is delicious. In addition, we have a cheddar from England also flavoured with truffle. Both cheeses are unique and taste quite different. One of my clients told me that she gets her dog to do exactly as he is told, by giving him tiny morsels of the truffle cheddar as a reward, I think that is the luckiest dog in the whole world!

We have also received some Beaufort D’Eté, this mountain cheese has a concave shaped back as it is wrapped in a cedar press during the maturation process. This is probably one of the most highly prized of the French mountain cheeses.

We really have lots of delicious treats for you to share with your friends over the Easter weekend so come in and create a special cheese platter to treat yourselves. If you cannot get to us, we can make up a platter for you and have it delivered. Just message me via WhatsApp or email and we will organise it.

I find that the flavour of goat’s cheese changes considerably when it is warmed up. Try toasting slices of our Buche de chevre (goats cheese shaped like a wooden log) in a dry frying until browned beautifully on both sides, the outside becomes quite crisp, and the inside is lovely and squidgy. The sweet taste of the figs in season is an excellent balance to the tangy flavour of goat’s cheese. I decided to create an easy salad with rocket leaves, sliced figs, fried goat’s cheese topped with toasted walnuts. This salad is colourful, and the tastes all complement each other. I recommend pairing this salad with a glass of Comte Lafond Sancerre, a beautiful Sauvignon blanc from the Loire valley, where you get some of the best goat’s cheese in France. See recipe below.

I hope you have a great weekend and get all organised for Easter weekend. We are open every day, on Easter Friday and Saturday from 9–5pm, Easter Sunday and Monday from 9-2pm.

Suzanne and The French Market Team

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