French Market Recipe 2023 40 Sorbet Rosmarinus Rosemary sorbet

Published on: 11 November 2023
French Market Recipe 2023 40
Sorbet Rosmarinus
Rosemary sorbet 
•    5 sprigs fresh rosemary plus some rosemary flowers and sprigs for decor
•    2 lemons (4 tablespoons lemon juice)
•    150gr castor sugar
•    250ml white wine chardonnay Blanc Gerard Bertrand 
•    450ml waterDirections:  
1. Use a zest peeler or very thin knife to peel off the lemon zest and put aside
2. Cut lemons in half and squeeze out juice
3. Put the water with sugar and 4 rosemary sprigs in a saucepan and bring to the boil
4. Remove from heat, cover and leave to cool for about an hour until the rosemary flavour has infused
5. Remove the rosemary sprigs
6. Add the lemon juice, half the zest and wine and stir in
7. Pour into a shallow container suitable for freezing and freeze for about 2 hours
8. Take container out regulalry, scrape down the frozen sides and whisk mixture together with a fork, returning to the freezer until contents fully frozen
9. Keep in freezer until ready to serve

10. Spoon into individual bowls and decorate with fresh rosemary sprigs, flowers and lemon zest
Serve frozen accompanied by a glass of  Gerard Bertand Chardonnay available at the French Market shop in Cape Town or order online at our website 
Bon Appétit  
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