French Wines

France is recognised as a global leader in wine production with a history dating back to pre-Roman times. Recent research has proved that the earliest stone wine press was making wine in 425 B.C. by the Gauls, near Montpelier in the South of France. Wine production travelled up the Rhone then slowly spread across France. In the southern Rhone town of Gigondas the Chateau St Cosme still has some wine cellars that were built by a Roman who settled in this area. The French have excelled as masters of blending and the sublteness of their craft can be enjoyed in all the great wines of France.

The monasteries were deeply involved in distillation of alcohol and the development of fortified liqueurs and spirits from fruit and herbs. The pure, clear liquid of the distilled alcohol is named Eau-de-Vie (Water of Life) a very fitting description. Famous spirits such as Cognac and Calvados symbolise the peak of this ancient knowledge.

I have always loved French wine and a meal in France is not complete without a bottle (or 2) of wine. It was a natural progression for me to offer wines and spirits to accompany my beautiful cheeses in my shop. I have started building up a small but good quality range of wines and spirits. As with my cheeses, I decided I would focus on some highly reputed producers representing the best areas of French wine.

When you visit my shop you will find wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, the Loire, the Rhone, Midi-Pyrenees and Provence. I am stocking aged Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados from Normandy and Creme-de-Fruit ( fruit liqueurs). I extend my range to match my clients requirements. Do check with me what is currently in stock.

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