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Published on: 29 January 2024

Bonjour Dear French Market Friends,
Fortunately, we are able to enjoy the amazing produce of French farmers 12,000km away, thanks to my favourite airline Air France, which is transporting my cheese into CPT. This week in our French cheese range we have plenty of ripe Brie de Meaux which we are discounting, its runny and ripe. In our soft cheese range, we also have Camemberts, Delice, Reblochon, Pont l’Eveque and Vacherousse. In our goat’s cheese we have the buche de chevre log and the soft fresh crottins. In our sheep’s milk range, we have soft brie and firm textured Ossau Iraty. In our Italian cheese range this week we have replenished stocks of Gorgonzola dolce a soft gooey gorgonzola, 18 month’s aged Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Romano, the hard sheep’s milk cheese. In our raw milk alpine cheeses this week we have Comte aged 16 months, Gruyere aged 15 months, Appenzeller aged 6 months and Tomme de Savoie aged 6 months.

In our French terrines section, we have received new stock, jars of goose (Oie) with colombelle wine terrine, duck and orange terrine, old fashioned pork rillettes, terrine forestiere made with pork and mushrooms, pheasant with raisins, rillettes and grattons of duck (slow cooked shredded duck meat), these are all ideal for picnics and outdoor meals. We also received cassoulet, a traditional duck and bean stew from the Southwest and duck confit.

Back in stock this week from Holland are Calve Mayonnaise and cheese wafer balls. Calve Mayonnaise has been made in Holland since the early 1900s, using natural ingredients and free-range eggs. In Holland this traditional mayonnaise is often served dolloped over a cornet of hot frites (French fries), it is versatile and can spruce up the simplest of salads.

The Dutch cheese wafer balls are ideal to serve as aperitifs (cocktail snacks). As a young girl, I have fond memories of my aunt’s cocktail parties where my job was to hand around the nibbles to her tipsy friends, while she poured the sherry. The cheese wafer balls are exactly the same style, with a cream cheese filling and light crisp wafer outside. They go equally well with champagne or sherry. These nibbles were served up alongside other old-fashioned nibbles such as half grapefruits skewered with cocktail sticks loaded with small cubes of cheese and cocktail onions plus cocktail sized grilled chipolatas. I think that we are more adventurous now with our canapes, but these old-fashioned cheese wafer balls still appeal to me.

In our French wine collection, we have received a new stock of the Macon Lugny “Les Genievres” 2021, a chardonnay by Louis Latour. The village of Lugny is located high up in the south of the Mâcon region, which is in the southern part of Burgundy. It has a great reputation for its white wines, which has made Mâcon famous. It is well known that the village of Lugny, with its limestone soils and warm climate, produces the most coveted white wines of the region. The vineyard of “Les Genièvres” is one of the best. This is a light chardonnay with beautiful pale-yellow colour. When you smell the wine, you get a floral aroma with hints of vanilla and fresh almonds. When you taste the wine, you get a citrus flavour. I really enjoy this wine or a summer lunch.

In our frozen Italian pasta range we have finally received pasta filled with mushrooms and truffles. All you do is boil the pasta, add a little olive oil or cream and you have a delicious gourmet meal.

We have received a new stock of honey flavoured with truffle from Italy. This unusual combination makes an interesting baste for a roast. Chicken has the delicate flavour that one needs for truffles as you don’t want to overpower the truffle taste. This week’s simple recipe is roast chicken basted with truffle honey served over a bed of spaghetti, tossed in light cream and sprinkled with black truffle salt. See recipe below. I think the best pairing would be with a glass of Louis Latour’s Valmoissine Pinot Noir from the Vars region at the southern end of Burgundy.

I wish you a great weekend, have fun eating outdoors in the summer sun.


Suzanne and The French Market Team

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