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Published on: 3 March 2024

Bonjour French Market Friends,

found out today that it is International Women’s Day only because a polite Woollies cashier wished me Happy Women’s Day, I misheard and responded “and Happy Wednesday to you too”, which must have puzzled her, especially as today is Friday.
Which just goes to show that whilst its great to recognise our rights and have the freedom to work and be treated as equals, the reality is that we have done so well and push ourselves so hard that we get overworked and forget which day of the week it is. My excuse is that it was the last day of February, the Financial Year End last night, which meant a full in-depth stock take, updating the sales and petty cash reports, checking all the creditors are paid, updating the banking etc etc. You can have all the software and AI to back you up, but as an owner/manager of a highly specialised business I have to ensure everything is done correctly and a lot cannot be carried out by machines. I’m not complaining that I only left work after 10pm, just making excuses for not getting my newsletter out last night.

Having done my Year End, the results were amazing, we are now above where we were pre-pandemic, so yes, lots of hard work has paid off and I wish to sincerely thank you, my very loyal customers, for supporting my business, not only through the last year but also through the Pandemic which enabled myself and my team to keep going, and many have been there from the start in 2006 when I set up a trestle table at the Biscuit Mill and offered some French cheese. Even the New York Times thought my stall looked good enough to use as the main image of an article about the Old Biscuit Mill in 2011. I thought it would be fun for a couple of weeks, now 18 years later I can really see that we are unique and well established.

Now I am going to get some sleep and will send a longer letter next week.
Suzanne xxxxx

Suzanne and The French Market Team

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