French Market News 18 Nov 2022

Published on: 18 November 2022

Bonjour French Market friends in Cape Town,

All eyes are on Qatar this weekend as The FIFA World Cup 2022 opens amid lots of fanfare. Defending champions France are definitely amongst the favourites to win this year’s Cup, with Brazil and Argentina in strong competition. President Macron hascommented that the games should not become politicised, and the focus should be on the sport. Captain Hugo Lloris and the French team will kick off against Australia on Tuesday evening. I am sure the stadium will reverberate with the rousing supporters’ cheer of “Allez les Bleus” Good Luck France!

This week the fresh porcinis season has started. We have received our first consignment of beautiful large porcinis, their aroma is full of soft woodland notes and hints of earthiness. These porcinis can be made into many dishes. The Italians love to add them to risottos, one of my favourites is simply sliced and pan fried. Hopefully, the season will last for several weeks.

Panettone LimoneOur panettones did arrive safely, and we had a busy day trying to pack them away into every possible spare space in our shop. We have a range from the 100g mini panettone right up to the 1 kg. In the Pandoro range we also have from 100g to 1kg. Plus, we have several different flavours including a pandoro filled with vanilla cream and topped with chocolate. It is really hard to resist eating them all. Do come in and check what we have available as they always sell out.

Camambert Fromagerie GillotIn our cheese range we have received a new stock of the raw milk Camemberts made by Fromagerie Gillot. They come in 150g and 250gr sizes, The aroma as you open the wrapping is quite unique. We also received stock of Pont l’Eveque, the square cobble stone shaped cheese from Normandie, Epoisses washed with brandy in 250gr units and a small stock of Tete de Moine. Please let me now if you would like to pre order any cheese for Xmas.

Terrine de CampagneThis week we have a stock of the Terrine de Campagne, a traditional coarse country pork pate. This pate can be eaten spread on a fresh baguette or served as a slice with a fresh green salad and crisp cornichons, the small French gherkins.

SavoiardiIn our biscuits range this week we have Savoiardi from Italy. These delicate sponge biscuits are also known as Ladyfingers. These biscuits were reputed to have been created for a visit of Louis XI, king of France, who married Charlotte of Savoy, daughter of the Duke of Savoy, hence the name Savoiardi.

Savoiardi can be enjoyed in many ways, they can be dipped in a strong coffee or a liqueur, they are often made into a tiramisu with layers of biscuits interlaced with creamy filling. This week my recipe is a Tiramisu flavoured with Limoncello, the citrus liqueur made with lemons from Sorrento, which we also stock in our shop. See recipe below.

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the opening of the Football World Cup on Saturday which is bound to be a great spectacle.

Suzanne and The French Market Team.

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