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French recipes using products from the French Market

I am not a trained chef but a home cook like my mother, Lorna, who made the most delicious French recipes. I have always loved cooking and gain enormous pleasure by sharing my food with friends and family around a table. I have often eaten the most wonderful meals with friends and family; all of them enjoy talking for hours about recipes and how their family makes a particular dish and we often discuss the regional differences between recipes based on the local ingredients.

I wanted to show French Market patrons how easy it can be to make French meals using my products so I started by translating traditional French recipes, cooking them and taking images to help other cooks like me understand each step. I believed this would encourage people to explore cooking new recipes with different types of cheeses and wines. I also create recipes based on classic French dishes.

Everyone knows that the secret of good food is in the quality and taste of the ingredients. I enjoy sharing all my recipes with anyone who comes into my shop, whether it is to discuss the ingredients and just to swap ideas. One of my favourite culinary authors is Mapie, Comtesse de Toulouse –Lautrec. Her Good French Cooking book is my standby in the kitchen. Wine pairing is also very important to me as the right wine will enhance the taste of the dish, so you are welcome to ask questions on all aspects of French cooking, not just cheese and Pâté.

You are always welcome to come down to the shop and chat to me personally or have a look at the recipes I have here on the website. The more recent recipes are available on our French Market Facebook page. I also send out a newsletter each week (sometimes with new recipes) so sign up and become a part of the French Market community.

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