Salade de chèvre chaud aux figues

IMG_20160211_213822_edit (368x400)There are many types of Goat’s cheese made in France and it can be eaten in a variety of dishes. I find that the flavour of goat’s cheese changes considerably when it is warmed up. Recently my daughter tossed a round of buche de chevre (Goat’s cheese log) in a frying pan and fried it until it browned beautifully on both sides. This was a new idea for me as I had only heated goat’s cheese under a grill or in the oven. The outside becomes quite crisp and the inside is lovely and squidgy. We currently have lots of ripe black skinned figs in season. The sweet taste of these figs is an excellent balance to the tangy flavour of goat’s cheese so I decided to create a really easy salad combining rocket leaves, sliced figs, fried goat’s cheese and to top it all some toasted walnuts. This salad is really easy to prepare, looks very colourful and the tastes all complement each other. A bonus is that this is a salad that anyone who is watching their carb intake or is vegetarian can enjoy. I recommend pairing this salad with a glass of Pouilly Fume, a sauvignon blanc with a flinty flavour from the Loire valley, where you get some of the best goat’s cheese in France.

Ingredients :
• Large handful of rocket per person
• Slice of Buche de Chevre per person ( about 75g each)
• 200g walnut
• 1 large or 2 medium figs per person
• Walnut oil and sherry vinegar to dress the salad

1. Wash the rocket and dry, place on individual serving plates
2. Slice the figs into quarters or sixths and place over the rocket
3. Just before serving heat up two frying pans
4. In one pan fry the walnuts until browned then sprinkle with a pinch of salt
5. In the second pan fry the circles of Buche de Chevre on both sides until golden, turn it carefully as cheese goes soft
6. Sprinkle the rocket with walnut oil then Sherry vinegar
7. Place the warm goats cheese carefully over the centre of the salad
8. Sprinkle the hot walnut pieces over the cheese and salad

Serve straight away while cheese and nuts are warm and pair with a glass of Pouilly Fume wine, a delicious Sauvignon Blanc with hints of flint which derives from the flinty soil in this region of the Loire valley.

Bon Appétit!

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