Rouleau de Saumon fumé farci à la crème de fromage

IMG_20160117_133250 (400x335)This weekend I made the starter course for my Gourmet lunch club, which entails making a dish for the first time which is then paired with 3 wines. As we have been doing these lunches for several years now, it is always challenging to find a new dish that I have never made before. I decided that I would create a dish using core ingredients from the French Market shop. I selected the Norwegian smoked salmon as my starting point, the 200g pack is thickly sliced and has an excellent taste and texture. I decided to stuff this with the delicious American cream cheese that I have. It is made near New Orleans for a French company. My concept was to make a log shaped salmon roll stuffed with cream cheese. Then I gave myself the extra challenge of doing 2 layers of different coloured fillings. I used fresh lemon juice to soften the cheese and added grated lemon zest and fresh parsley to half of the mixture. I added cooked beetroot to the other half of cream cheese and blended it. I used a layer of smoked salmon and basil, from my garden, to separate the two fillings then wrapped the whole lot up with layers of salmon. When I sliced through the roll, the different layers of colouring were impressive although aesthetically I realised the beetroot red rather clashed with the orangey pink of the salmon. You could play with different ingredients to get other colours. The flavours were wonderful together. I served each slice on a bed of baby lettuce mixed with fresh herbs. I paired this dish with a subtle sauvignon blanc and found this really brought out the taste of the lemon. I would recommend pairing with “La Moussiere” a single vineyard Sancerre (Sauvignon Blanc) from Alphonse Mellot available at the French Market shop.

Ingredients for 8 guests as a starter or light main course

  • 600g smoked salmon thick slices
  • 500g cream cheese
  • 1 large ripe lemon
  • Several basil leaves chopped
  • 2 sprigs fresh parsley chopped
  • 1 medium size beetroot
  • Salt and black pepper
  • Baby lettuce and fresh herbs for serving



  1. Boil the beetroot for about 20 minutes until tender. Allow to cool, peel and chop
  2. Take a 1 kilo log shaped mold, line it first with cling wrap
  3. Line the base and sides with layers of smoked salmon until covered, place in fridge
  4. Grate zest of lemon then cut in half and squeeze out juice
  5. Put cream cheese in mixing bowl
  6. Add half the lemon juice to cream cheese and blend together
  7. Add salt and ground black pepper to taste
  8. Separate mixture into 2 bowls
  9. Add the chopped parsley to one half and blend
  10. Add in the lemon zest and mix in with a spoon
  11. Take chopped beetroot and other half of cream cheese and blend until smooth
  12. Layer the base of the salmon mold with chopped basil leaves
  13. Spoon lemon mixture over the full length of the base of the mold and smooth it flat, it will come about half way up the mold
  14. Completely cover this mixture with strips of smoked salmon length ways
  15. Spoon the second mixture over the smoked salmon layer and smooth the surface
  16. Cover the top with a layer of salmon so that it reaches to the edges and completely covers the mixture
  17. Cover with cling wrap and place in fridge until serving.
  18. To serve, prepare individual plates with a handful of fresh salad and herbs covered with a light olive oil and lemon juice dressing
  19. Turn the salmon roll out of its mold and remove the cling wrap.
  20. Carefully slice the salmon roll into thick slices using a very sharp, thin bladed knife and place a slice on each plate. The mixture can be a bit soft so take care when slicing.


Serve straight away with a glass of La Moussiere Sancerre wine from the Loire valley.


             Bon Appétit!

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