French Market News- Springtime-Duck & Green peppercorn Terrine-Camembert Calvados-New stock of Saucisson Sec-Vin Jaune du Jura –Suzanne’s Recipe 2015- Crème de Tomate a l’ail

Dear French Market Shoppers,

To celebrate the 1st of September, which is my personal start of Spring, I have decorated the entrance to my shop with some fresh spring blossoms including jasmine. This flower, above all others, symbolises the start of spring in Cape Town to me, once I smell that lovely perfume on the air I know the weather will start to warm up again and we can come out of hibernation. I believe it is going to be really hot and sunny in Cape Town this weekend.

I apologise to my clients in Johannesburg who came to the French Market at Blairgowrie looking for the new savoury sauces that arrived in Cape Town but took longer to get to Johannesburg than expected. (I hope they will arrive by this weekend). It is a challenge to synchronise the news release of the products as some of them arrive in Johannesburg and some in Cape Town and I have to ship it between the 2 shops. Also despite pre-ordering from France we can never be sure what will land or if it will be delayed by customs. If you wish to double check if a particular product has arrived in one of the shops do email me or send me a text or Whats app to check.

For example we have several new products coming in this weekend. Some arrive in JNB first, so the new stock of Rillettes du Mans, Saucisson Sec (flavours of Beaujolais, Noisette and beaufort) and a couple of camembert matured with calvados landed in the Johannesburg shop this evening but will only be in Cape Town by Saturday morning.  Included in this consignment is a coarse textured Duck and green peppercorn terrine which many of you may remember from a few months ago. It is very tasty with a slight peppery bite.

In the opposite direction a large consignment of cheese (about 200kgs) arrived in Cape Town tonight but will only arrive in Johannesburg on Monday.  We will have Comte bleu, Epoisse, Pont l Eveque, lots of delicious Brie and the new Vacherousse from the Jura, a very creamy cheese with a slight tangy orange crust.  You can always ask me to put some aside for you if you are interested.

For the Cape Town shop I have received some new wines from the Jura to go with our Comte and Morbier cheeses. Due to the height of the Jura vineyards (250m- 450m) the wines are light and delicate in flavours except the vin Jaune. The AOC wines are from Domaine Grand in Passenans, a tiny village in the heart of the Jura vineyards. We have a Chardonnay 2012 (R360) and a Trousseau 2013 (R375) and the most famous of the Jura wine, the Vin Jaune 2006 (R1,050) of which I have managed to get just a couple of bottles. This sweet white wine is really unique having been aged for over 6 years, and has a dark yellow colour (hence the name its contents are uniquely 620ml instead of 750ml due to evaporation as the wine ages. We only have a liquor licence in Cape Town, if you are not resident in Cape Town but wish to order some of my wines I can email the list to you and organise to courier them to you.

Every time I eat at friends I come away with new ideas for my weekly recipes. This weekend a good French friend of mine made a beautiful lunch with lots of interesting dishes. She prepared for us a delicate creamy tomato soup. It had an interesting depth of flavour which was a complete change from traditional tomato soup. She explained to me that she added some onions and garlic which make the difference in the flavour. I created a really easy reproduction of this delicious soup. If I was in France I would have picked some of the deep red tasty tomatoes which grow in my village but as I am sitting at the end of winter in Cape Town I cheated and used a can of peeled Italian rosa tomatoes. The soup was not difficult to prepare, it took less than half an hour to make and tasted wonderful. I recommend pairing this soup with an Alphonse Mellot Sancerre, a sauvignon blanc wine from the Loire as it blends well with the taste of the tomato.

Enjoy your spring weekend and see you again soon.


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