French Market News-July 4th Independence Day-Durban July- Saucisson sec–25% off Reblochon& Brie de Meaux-Recipe 25-2015 Gateau au Chocolat

Dear French Market Shoppers,

Our best wishes to all our American clients who are celebrating their Independence day on Saturday 4th July. For our S African clients who will be travelling to Durban for the famous Durban July horse race, do note that the theme this year is the Captain’s Table so we expect to see lots of nautical themed dresses this weekend. For those of you who are staying put, I recommend that you invite your friends around and share a wonderful platter of our French cheeses, pates and Baguettes while you watch the race on TV in the comfort of your own homes.


Whilst the news this week is fairly Greek to me, such as the question that is apparently facing the Greek voters on Sunday, one thing that is clear is the popularity of the Saucisson Sec that we brought in last weekend. It sold out straight away and I have received new stock this afternoon. Please contact me if you would like to reserve one.


Other top favourites are the frozen croissants, one client was almost in tears when she found the stocks were low at the start of the week, but these stocks have been replenished and we have plenty for this weekend. I enjoy the croissants so much that they are now part of my Sunday morning breakfast ritual.


In Johannesburg, Patisserie de Paris, apart from their delicious sour dough baguettes, also have created some new macaron flavours of lavender and lemon. Do note that the next live music entertainment will take place on Saturday 10th July to celebrate the French National “Bastille” Day.


In Cape Town we have received 2 new wines, Les Meysonniers 2011 is a shiraz wine from Crozes-Hermitage, in the northern Rhone Valley, produced by Chapoutier who own the largest area of vineyards in this region. The vines are at least 25 years old.

The Chateau Croix Figeac 2011 is a St Emilion Grand Cru in the Bordeaux region. This blackberry fruit filled wine is now arriving at the right tannin balance 4 years after production.


On special this week is the flavoursome raw milk Reblochon from the high alps of the Savoie and the delicious Brie de Meaux, for this week we will offer 25% off current stocks.


IMG_9908 (400x332)Whilst I love cooking and playing with different recipes, a professional chef is continually working at creating new flavours, taste sensations and textures. I had to make desert for my Gourmet lunch this weekend and my daughter gave me a recipe for this chocolate cake that she had often made. I approached the cooking of the recipe with some trepidation but in fact all I had to do was follow her simple instructions and it worked out beautifully. The cake gets flattened a bit after cooking which gives it an incredibly dense, nutty, chocolaty centre. It tasted absolutely amazing and was probably the best cake that I have ever made. It can be served on its own or for real decadence can be served with a dollop of thick cream. It can pair well with a sweet desert wine, a port or a sparkling wine such as a refreshing Prosecco or delicate Cremant de Bourgogne, a frothy light wine from Burgundy. Click here to see the recipe 25-2015 Gateau au Chocolat et Amandes on my website

I wish you lots of luck at the Races and hope to see you again soon at the shop.




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