Newsletter- Patisserie de P in top 5 croissant producers in JNB-Brie de Meaux Gold medal winner – Cantal back in stock-French Market Recipe 18 2015 Veloute de Poulet aux Herbes de Provence et Crème legere de Normandie

Dear French market shoppers,

I hope that you enjoyed Mother’s Day. My day consisted of working at the shop in Blairgowrie and meeting lots of new clients. After which, I set out for Lanseria airport and managed to get completely lost. Driving in J’burg is like driving on the moon to me, I have no idea in which direction I am heading as there is no mountain to navigate around and my cell phone mapping died on me. I finally managed to find the airport but missed my plane. After a few hours wait I landed about 10 30pm but what made up for all the stress, was having my daughter meet me at the airport with a large bunch of flowers for Mothers Day.

10421327_10152966695892815_8095972839638436051_nThe launch has gone well and we are getting good feedback from the clients for our new French Cheese shop. I apologise to those of you who looked for the address, it is 9 MacKay Avenue Blairgowrie. I can see that I made a good choice to team up with Paul’s French bakery, as the Patisserie de Paris was recognised as one of the top 5 producers of great French croissants in J’burg in the Times yesterday. I can vouch for the excellence of the Patisserie products as I have put on weight after being fed on the most delicious croissants, bread and quiches during my stay there.

My favourite combination of cheese and croissant is definitely a creamy, runny Brie or Camembert as this can ooze its way across the inside of a golden, flaky croissant. If you like mild flavoured cheese I recommend pairing with our gooey Brie Maubert, or addicyive triple cream Delice. If you prefer a more pronounced flavour then I suggest pairing with an unpasteurised, flavoursome Brie de Meaux or Camembert from Normandy. Both of these cheeses are made according to time honoured methods and you can really taste the difference. The Brie de Meaux is produced by Donge and regularly wins a gold medal at the annual Paris Agricultural Show. For my Cape Town clients, as you cannot sample Paul’s delicious croissants you can enjoy the bake-at-home frozen Delifrance croissants which will be available later on tomorrow.

For my new clients information I make a selection of more than 20 great French cheeses and try to keep both shops well stocked. It takes a few days for new products to reach Johannesburg therefore please email me if you wish to check if a product is in stock. For example today I received Cantal Jeune which is a delicious cheddar style cheese, from the Auvergne region in the heart if France. It has been made there since the Gallic tribes ruled France before the Roman settled there. This landed from Paris today and is now in stock in Cape Town but will only get to JNB by early next week. Do ask me for information on the cheeses we supply in the shop. I will be happy to assist with ideas for cheese platters for when you are entertaining at home. We can prepare these for you and accompany them with some of Paul’s crusty baguettes. For details of cheese and pate price list for both shops please go to Pricelists

Veloute de poulet aux Herbes ProvenceEach week I cook a simple recipe using products from the shop or based on a French recipe. With the cold winter evenings in both cities I thought that a tasty, creamy chicken soup would be an ideal recipe to share with you. I used my favourite Herbes de Provence, the dried herbs from the south of France as they give a beautiful taste to any dish, we have them in several sizes in the shop. I also added some Creme Legere, a low fat French cooking cream which gives a velvety texture to the soup. You can see the list of my recipes on my website

A note for those of you living near the Gardens Shopping centre, there will be a Tree walk in the DeWaal Park on Sunday afternoon when Tielmann which will give you an insight into all the beautiful trees.

Please let me know if you are base d in JNB and prefer to receive a newsletter which refers just to what is happening in our shop in JNB.
I hope you have a great weekend,

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  1. It was our first visit to this venue on Mothers Day and will now become a regular ‘must do’ for all of us!

    Wonderful ambience, tasty food, wonderful choice of cheeses, a great little spot in Blairgowrie. What a win!


    Archie Sneddon

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    Congratulations on opening in Johannesburg. We have been waiting for this for a long time J


    Bill Flannigan

  3. Well, I guess we cannot recommend you sit down and relax now????? I will pop in to meet Nicky and get the latest news – well done!

    Best regards


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