Newsletter-French Market News-Truffle Burrata (CPT)-Truffle Honey(CPT)-Patisserie de P macarons- Recipe 19 2015 Gougères a l’Emmental au Mousse de Canard et pate de Truffe

Dear French Market shoppers,

This week has been peppered by power cuts across the country causing much annoyance but in our typical ZA way we carry on and work out ways around these challenges “ons sal un plan gemaak” is our attitude. Do note that we always have generator power in the Gardens Shopping centre and plenty of natural light and Patisserie de Paris has generators so we are always open for business.

I find that getting stocks moved around in J’burg also has it challenges, what with the non-functioning traffic lights due to power cuts and this week’s shootout on the M1 Sandton highway which caused a complete shut down of the road and resultant traffic chaos I am amazed that anything gets anywhere. It’s like living in the Wild West.

I am always looking for new, interesting food tastes and I love truffles. This week (in Cape Town) I have 2 new products made with Truffle plus the 1 remaining truffle Camembert from last week. I was delighted to receive some Burrata made with truffles. This Italian Mozzarella cheese is wrapped around cream which has a truffle flavour, so yummy.(Price R129 per ball only available in Cape Town).

The second truffle product is one that I have often been asked for, Truffle honey, due to import rules to protect our local bees, we cannot bring in honey. I have now found the most stunning Cape wild flower honey with slices of Italian truffle. This is a completely natural product and has an amazing aroma. Try it as a baste on top of chicken, or drizzle on figs and my cream cheese for example or just slurp it off a teaspoon. (Price R165 for 200g). From the same range I have some Kalahari salt with dried Italian black truffle. (These products will be available in J’Burg next week)

I have a small stock in the shop so do let me know if you want me to keep one for you. For those of you who have not experienced the aroma of truffle come in and sample some of this honey.

Weather outlook this weekend is good for entertaining at home in Cape Town with a cool cloudy forecast. If you are in J’burg then you can have invite friends for alfresco lunches, under sunny blue skies and mid 20s temperatures, of French cheese and pates followed by Paul’s (in J’burg) new Macaron range.

20150517 gourmet paella 031 (400x286)Entertaining with a professional chef in the house takes on a whole different meaning – my recently returned daughter comes up with the most amazing ideas and combinations of flavours. For our lunch guests on Sunday I wished to serve a light, bite sized munchie to accompany our cocktails. My “Cheflette” came up with the idea of bite sized, savoury choux pastries made with Emmental (called Gougères in French). These are quite easy to make and the pastry can be prepared in advance to save time on the day. The stuffing is a mixture of creamy duck liver mousse blended with some truffle paste which gives it a divine flavour. You can either fill the Gougères using a piping bag or just slice them across the middle and spoon the filling in. We served them with a Cocktail made by our friend Nick Wilkins, a “French 75” which refers to a famous old French cannon which had quite a kick when fired, similar to the effect of drinking this cocktail which combines gin, sparkling wine, lemon juice and syrup. See the recipe on my website.

I wish you a great weekend,



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