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Dear French Market Shopper,

To celebrate the opening of our new Johannesburg shop at Patisserie de Paris, 9 Mackay Avenue, Blairgowrie, I am offering a special discount of 20% on some of my soft creamy cheeses, in order that my new clients (and also my regular ones in both shops) can get to know and enjoy some of our wonderful French cheeses. The discount will run for a week and applies to:
• The gentle and creamy Brie Maubert, a pasteurised Brie which has a mild slightly salty taste.
• The Donge Brie de Meaux, a gold medal winning unpasteurised cheese which is also creamy but with a more pronounced and distinctive flavour
• The creamy and slightly pungent Camembert from Normandie which has a completely different taste to Brie as it comes from a different region
• The Epoisses from Burgundy, a runny and highly aromatic cheese which has been washed in brandy giving it a distinctively strong aroma. The taste is not as strong as the smell.

We have plenty of other cheese and pates in stock so do pop in and taste some of our delicious products or browse the shelves to see the French goodies we have brought in. Our latest product is the baby Bonne Maman jams, these dinky 30g pots (R9 each) are perfect for breakfast with some of our flaky croissants (either fresh from Patissere de Paris or frozen from Paris ) You can see price lists on my   website

This week in Cape Town we continue with cold and wet wintery days with everyone wrapped as if it was snowing outside, to a Cape Tonian anything below 20 degrees feels like its freezing. In Jo’burg the clear sunny days continue but the nights are really freezing. We are selling a lot of Raclette for melting in front of fires (when there is no power for cooking!) and Reblochon for Tartiflette, a traditional potato bake.

The lastest FIFA scandal is drawing attention away from the Etolling issues and threatened electricity and water hikes, luckily you can forget all these issues by going along to Patisserie de Paris on this Saturday to enjoy a live jazz trio who play a great “gypsy” style jazz from 10 – 12.

The beauty of these days in Cape Town is to go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine when it peeps through, my daughter tells me she will go foraging for mushrooms in the mountain this weekend – I hope she findssome as I love to cook our naturally sourced food.

I recently had the pleasure to meet a dynamic young South African who is creating some wonderful products using the addictive flavour of Italian Black truffles and local naturally produced food products; She has created 3 different combinations with the Black truffles, a stunning Truffle honey using Cape wild flower honey, a Truffle salt using salt from the salt pans in the Kalahari desert and a delicious, creamy Truffle mayonnaise. Truffles have a highly pungent flavour therefore combining them with plain food allows the maximum enjoyment of the truffle taste. I used all three in the following recipes. First I roasted a chicken and basted it with the Truffle honey. I served this with plain fettucine tossed in Crème Legere (from Normandie) sprinkled with Truffle Salt.

shredded pork stew and chicken mayo 025 (400x382)For this week’s recipe I sliced the cold chicken and mixed this with the Truffle mayonnaise and served it on a bed of salad. It was delicious and so easy. The salad is ideal if you know that you have a power cut looming and need cold dishes that are interesting and have plenty of flavour. I suggest serving these dishes with an earthy wine to complement the truffle flavour such as the St Cosme Cotes-du-Rhone Rouge from the southern Rhone region.

I hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you in our French Market shop again soon.



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