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Dear French Market shoppers

Today has been a big rush as everyone prepares for Good Friday or Passover. Please note my shop will be open every day this weekend until 2pm on the Public holidays and 5pm on Saturday as I know that many of you will be entertaining and need access to my divine cheeses, wines and other special products.


I see lots of fit sporty people coming in to the Centre preparing for the 2 Oceans Marathon this weekend. If you need to carbo-load for the race do remember that I have Gluten free risotto which is very tasty.


I have received a stock of the delicious Pecorino di Sardo. This hard, sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia is quite special and has a beautiful flavour – do come and try it. I have also received a new stock of the Italian Doriano crackers which are perfect to go with cheese and not too salty.


I have always enjoyed a cup of Camomile flower tea in France, it is very calming and restorative. I have managed to source some for the shop, plus some Rose Hip tea and some Mint tea which I enjoy chilled with ice.


With autumn advancing upon us and lots of ripe fruit in the orchards I was tempted to try and make some fig preserve in Armagnac and some figs in syrup. I will mention that I have now found out why one must not open a jar of fruit cooked in syrup when it is still hot, as the liquid spurts out, burns the hand that made it and covers the kitchen with a sticky mess!


My traditional French recipe this week of Figs preserved in Armagnac is really simple so I am putting the details here in the text and will write it up as soon as I get a moment.

Use 750ml of Baron de Pibrac Armagnac (from the French Market shop) for 1 kilo of fruit and 1 kilo of sugar plus 1 lemon (or parts thereof).

Boil the jar/jars in which you will store the fruit, to sterilise them. Lightly wash the figs to remove any dirt. Trim off the stalks. Pour the Armagnac and sugar into the large jar/s and shake to mix in the sugar. Cut the figs slightly twice across the top. Put the figs in the liquid in the jar/jars until full, using a wooden spoon to press them down a bit. Slice the lemon finely and place on top of figs. The liquid should cover the fruit. Close the jars and leave them in a cupboard for at least 2 months. That is all you have to do J. The difficulty will be to leave it alone for 2 months!


For those of you following my news in Johannesburg, we hope to be opening by early May. Our plans are advancing well and we are really excited about the new site, many of you already know the wonderful baguettes made by Patisserie de Paris on MacKay Avenue in Blairgowrie. They were voted the best baguettes in Johannesburg. As soon as we have a definite opening date for the French Market inside PdeP I will communicate this to you.

Have a great, relaxed long weekend.


Best Regards



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