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Dear French Market Shoppers,
On Thursday evening I was honoured to be invited to the French Ambassador, Elizabeth Barbier’s Gout France dinner at the Residence de France in Pretoria. This occasion was being replicated in 170 French Embassies and restaurants around the globe to celebrate UNESCO’s recognition of the cultural heritage of French Gourmet food. This was an occasion to celebrate the great French tradition of fine dining. Chef Andre Ahiba created an amazing 6 course gourmet dinner for us accompanied by fine French wines. The evening was also an opportunity to make friends with other professionals involved in the fine food industry and members of the French Trade delegation.

My visit to Johannesburg included finalising of the plans for my new shop and meeting various suppliers. There is already a lot of excitement up here about my new venture so I think it will work well. I love the buzz here in Joburg, the place really sizzles with energy but I am looking forward to being back in Cape Town tomorrow after experiencing the traffic up here. Take any distance you want to travel, and multiply the time it should take by 10 to work out how long the journey will actually take. I always use a GPS but even this cannot calculate the traffic jams. I was so busy concentrating on directions I nearly drove into another car. Luckily I missed him but I could see a lot heated sign language directed at me.

Back in Cape Town my new cheese stock has arrived so we have topped up with lots of delicious products for the weekend.

I have always loved home-made, traditional French mayonnaise, its thickness and texture complement many wonderful dishes. I have tried making mayonnaise with varying success and I admit to sometimes using the French mayonnaise in my shop as it is easier. One secret I have learnt is that the egg yolk must be at room temperature or it will not work.

My friend Georgina Farrell made us a delicious starter on Saturday which inspired me to try to copy it, for my weekly recipe, using some of my home-made lemon flavoured mayonnaise This dish is really easy and the grated Parmegiano adds a lovely flavour. I served it with some puff pastry however this can be replaced by crackers. The best wine to pair with it is definitely a sauvignon blanc, therefore I paired it with a fresh tasting Sancerre from the Loire Valley. You can see my recipe at

I look forward to seeing you again soon at the shop.


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