Glace aux Marrons et Biscuits St Valentin

glace au marrons et biscuits coeurs (2) (400x378)This weekend was highlighted by our Gourmet lunch where we have to make a dish for the first time and pair it with 3 wines. I had to produce a desert this time and I decided that Chestnuts would be the main ingredient. I made a deliciously creamy chestnut ice cream which had a distinct rum flavour (I think I overdid the rum a bit). I have just received some butter from Normandy so I accompanied the ice cream with some little heart shaped butter biscuits to celebrate St Valentine’s Day. Both recipes are quick and easy to make (if you have an ice cream maker) and they look very pretty. I paired them with 3 sparkling Rosés, my favourite was the Louis Bouillot Cremant de Bourgogne Perle d’Aurore Brut Rosé. It has a very delicate taste with fine bubbles and an exquisite pink colour.

Ingredients for approximately 1 kg tub of ice cream:

  • 300g Crème de Marrons Clement Faugier from the French Market shop
  • 500ml Fresh cream
  • 75g Icing sugar
  • 4 tablespoons spiced Rum
  • 50g raisins
  • 20g of chocolate powder

Ingredients for approximately 24 St Valentine’s biscuits:

  • 100g unsalted Normandy butter from the French Market shop
  • 80g Crème de Marron Clement Faugier
  • 250g Cake flour
  • 1 Egg
  • Pinch salt
  • 50g castor sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon red food colouring
  • Kitchen foil

A Bottle of Louis Bouillot Cremant de Bourgogne Perle d’Aurore Brut Rosé

 Directions Ice cream:

  1. The day before making the ice cream, leave the raisins in a bowl and soak in 2 tablespoons rum
  2. Place the ice cream mixer base in the deep freeze.
  3. On the day of preparation, drain the raisins and pour any remaining rum into the Chestnut cream plus 2 more tablespoons of rum .
  4. Beat the cream and sugar until fairly thick
  5. Lightly mix the chestnut and rum mixture into the cream with a spatula
  6. Assemble the ice cream mixer
  7. Spoon the cream and chestnut mixture into the ice cream maker and start immediately
  8. Add the rasions
  9. Mix in the ice cream maker for about 20 minutes until thick.
  10. Line a 1 kg tub with cling wrap
  11. Spoon the mixture into the tub and cover with more cling wrap.
  12. Place in freezer overnight.
  13. To serve turn out of the tub and slice thickly.
  14. Place on a plate and dust with chocolate powder.
  15. Serve with little St Valentine’s hearts butter biscuits (optional)

Directions St Valentine’s biscuits:

  1. Cut butter into small pieces and place in kitchen mixer bowl, use a dough hook for mixing
  2. Add sugar and mix into the butter
  3. Once mixed, add crème de marron and pinch of salt, mix together until it becomes a thick paste
  4. Break egg into a bowl and beat lightly with a fork
  5. Add beaten egg, flour and food colouring to butter mixture, mix well together until you have a pink dough
  6. Place dough onto foil and use fingers to shape into a long, thin sausage
  7. To form the heart shapes, roll up the dough in the foil, then flatten on either side to form a V shape.
  8. Where there is the flat top of the V, use the end of a wooden spoon to shape a trench the full length of the roll.
  9. Place in fridge for half an hour to chill.
  10. Preheat oven to 180C degrees.
  11. Remove roll from fridge and unwrap from foil.
  12. Place on a board and cut thin slices. The slice will have the shape of a little heart.
  13. Place on a greased baking tray and cook for 8 minutes.
  14. Remove from heat and allow to cool on a rack.
  15. Serve alongside the ice cream

I recommend serving with a glass of chilled Louis Bouillot Cremant de Bourgogne Perle d’Aurore Brut Rosé

Bon Appétit!

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