Newsletter-Summer in the City-Feuille de Brick-Opera in a Convent Garden-Weekly Recipe 2-2015 Soupe froide a la Tomate et Grana Padano

Dear French Market Shoppers,

Summer hit the CBD with a blazingly hot day yesterday – I had an early and delicious breakfast at Manna Epicure on Kloof Street with my visiting daughter, the temperature on return to my car was 39 degrees. As we headed out last night after work, for a traditional Italian supper at La Frasca, on Breda Street near the Gardens, the temperature was still incredibly high. Despite the heat, the food was excellent, this is a little gem of a restaurant and the owners are hands on which ensures the quality of the food and service. By the time I returned home it was still boiling and my dear Bella cat decided to test my speed response by hanging half out of a top window, presumably to find cooler air. Luckily I managed to grab her before she fell down the sheer 30 foot drop.


There are still plenty of overseas visitors in Cape Town enjoying our sunshine. If you are looking for outdoor entertainment, the annual Opera in a Convent Garden is coming up on Sunday 8th February in Wynberg. This is an opportunity to take along a picnic basket full of delicious French cheeses, bread and wine to share with friends, while enjoying some excellent opera in the beautiful grounds of Springfield. For more details contact


We have re-stocked on most of our goods after the Festivities and have plenty of interesting products from France. A new one is Feuille de Brick, a very thin pancake which is used in many different French and North African dishes. Essentially you wrap the food in the pancake and either steam or deep fry it. I am looking forward to testing them. I also have the packets of Small Blinis which are delicious topped with some Delice triple cream and cods roe.


As you know each week I look for a new recipe to cook for you, but sometimes they don’t work out. Last weekend I decided to make a quiche to serve with drinks for my daughter. Easy, thought I, no recipe needed – well it was a complete disaster as the pastry rose too high in the tart dish and burnt black. Therefore I tried to cook the egg filling separately and turn it out onto the scraped off pastry – well this ended upside down and was a soggy mess. In the end I fell back on my plan to serve French cheese and pates which was much easier and a great success.


tomato soup 024 (400x388)After the searing heat in the city yesterday I wanted to make a quick, light refreshing dish for this week’s recipe. One of my favourites is chilled Tomato soup. The key ingredient is tomatoes full of flavour, it is worth looking around for organic or home-grown ones as these have the best taste. All you have to do is put them through a food processor with some olive oil and a couple of slices of old bread to thicken the mixture. The mixture is strained through a sieve to remove skins and pips. There is no fussing around with peeling or cooking. I add some fresh basil leaves, ice cubes and some grated Grano Padana. I find that the slightly toasty flavour of Grana Padano goes better with the soup than the stronger Parmeggiano. The soup can be made the day before and kept chilled in the fridge. You can view the recipe at this link

I suggest serving this refreshing dish with a glass of Sancerre, a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire valley.


Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you again soon in my shop




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