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Dear French Market shoppers,

Schools have re-opened and lots of relieved parents (and grandparents) are happily getting their lives back to normal. As several of my clients have told me, they love their little darlings but after many weeks of holidays they are quite relieved to dispatch them off to school.

I have received a large stock of cheese this morning including Pont l’Eveque the tangy washed rind cheese that comes from Normandy; Crottins de chevre, the little circles of creamy fresh goats cheese that melt in your mouth; Tomme de Savoie the unpasteurised, dry crusted alpine cheese which is a perfect breakfast cheese as it has plenty of flavour but is not too strong. Reblochon also from Savoie which has a pungent barnyard smell and creamy centre. In the blues I have stocked up on Bleu d’Auvergne, a creamy soft pasteurised blue with lots of gentle taste and also from the Auvergne some Fourme d’Ambert, an unpasteurised blue with a firm texture and more pronounced flavour.

I have received some Onion confit (onion jam) which goes well with Pates. Some Fig chutney and Violette confit which are delicious with cheese.

I have finally received my stock of mayonnaise and cold sauces. These include the traditional French mayonnaise, this is different to the local mayonnaise as it is not sweetened. Sauce Aioli a garlic mayonnaise which is great as a dip, Sauce Bearnaise which goes well with steak and Sauce Tartare a delicious mayonnaise to serve with fish. I have also received another mayonnaise made with Black truffles which is out of this world – see my recipe notes below.

Oeufs May truffes noires 009 (400x383)According to Maison Pebeyre, the French supplier of some of my truffle products, Truffles can be as addictive as drugs (without the side effects). Apparently when they displayed their new Black truffle mayonnaise at SIAL, in Paris, the largest food innovation Trade show in the world, their samples were absolutely flattened as visitors to their stand could not resist coming back for more. I have managed to get a small stock of this divine mayonnaise and celebrated by making this week’s recipe with it, being the simplest possible salad to allow the flavour of the truffle mayo to have centre stage. The salad tastes amazing and takes just a few minutes to make. All you have to do is hard boil the eggs. Apart from the baby leaf salad I added some avocado but it is just as good with plain salad leaves. I decided a very delicate Chablis (unwooded chardonnay) would pair best as it does not fight with the truffle flavour. Click here for my recipe

Do remember that the annual Opera in a Convent Garden will be held on Sunday the 8th of February at 17h30 in the gardens of Springfield. Take a picnic basket and enjoy the gardens beforehand. The proceeds go to Rotary projects.

I wish you a great and sunny weekend and hope to see you again soon.


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