French Market Newsletter – Boks Win – Rillettes du Mans- Tommes Noir des Pyrennes – Recipe Boeuf en Croute et sauce aux champignons

Dear French Market Shoppers,

I am sure many of you were celebrating the amazing Springbok win over the All Blacks last weekend, our little Lamb from Natal finally ended the All Blacks unbeaten world record of 22 match wins. A great match showing Springboks still have plenty of championship material.


This week marked my kitten Bella’s 1st birthday, she has become such a close friend and is very communicative. However I think she is at that teenage stage now because I shut her in a room by mistake (just for half an hour) and when I finally let her out she gave me such a mouthful of “cat” words and walked straight past me in a huff.


This week in the shop I have received some fresh Rillettes du Mans. This traditional pork dish from Le Mans is similar to pâté in that it is spread on bread or toast. Rillettes have been made in France since the Middle Ages. The recipe only contains meat which is cooked very slowly (6 – 8 hours) in its own fat and flavoured with salt and pepper. The meat is then shredded and mixed with some of the fat and stored in jars. The fat preserves the Rillettes and it can be kept for several months. It is divine! I also have in stock Terrine Forrestiere, a pork and mushroom coarse textured pâté; Duck and greenpeppercon coarse terrine and a smooth Duck liver mousse.


Another interesting product is the Tomme Noir des Pyrenees. This wheel of cow’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees region was first mentioned in the 12th century when it was eaten at the court of King Louis Vl (aka Louis Le Gros which means fat, possibly due to his liking of cheese). The cheese is covered with a distinctive thin black wax outer layer and has a pale ivory colour with medium firm texture. The taste is creamy with a fresh, slightly tart flavour and pairs well with a Chablis or a Beaujolais. In addition I have another 20+ beautiful cheeses in stock. Click here to see the details of all food products in stock .


Some of the most impressive looking dishes can be very easy to make, such as beef fillet cooked in pastry.There are many variations for this particular dish including truffle peelings, instead of mushrooms, which is a real luxury. The famous variation in England is Beef Wellington. On Sunday I made the most of the sun and entertained my family to lunch on the patio overlooking the beach. I made them a “Boeuf en Croute”, the recipe is quite easy to prepare (if you use ready made pastry). I accompanied the fillet with a creamy mushroom sauce and roast potatoes. My son-in-law described it as an “epic” meal which made me feel great. I paired the dish with a smooth Bouchard Pere et Fils “La Vignee” Bourgogne Pinot Noir which nicely balanced the flavour of the beef and the earthiness of the mushrooms. Click here to see the recipe


Weather this weekend looks a bit variable with rain on Sunday so maybe it is time to invite friends around for a long lunch with some good French wine and cheese.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.




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