Weekly newsletter – Scottish vote -Calvados Hors d’Age- Pecorino Elighe di Sardo – Recipe Escalopes de porc aux pommes flambees au Calvados

Dear French Market Shoppers

Today is one of those important historical days for all of us who have ties to England and Scotland, with the Independence Referendum in full swing, we will be waiting with baited breath for the outcome. With one Grandmother from France and the other with English and Scottish blood, plus a liking for scotch whisky, I am not sure where my choice would lie if I had to vote. It’s a bit like Brittany voting for independence from France, or the Western Cape declaring Independence. Whatever the outcome my bet is that lots of scotch will be consumed tonight, reels will be danced and bagpipes played and there will be many hangovers tomorrow.


Here in Cape Town a chilly wind is blowing hard and rain is forecast so maybe you need to light a fire this weerkend and invite friends over for a delcious meal of tasty French cheese, pâtés and wines. For those of you who like sheep’s milk cheeses you will be pleased to know that I have received a Pecorino from Sardinina (I know its not quite in France, but its just a little bit south of Corsica) This sheep’s milk Pecorino Elighe is made with veal rennet and is matured for at least 90 days. It is the colour of straw and has a slightly crumbly texture – quite delicious. There are plenty more tasty French cheeses in stock – see the full list at this link.


I recently brought in more stock of the 15 year old Calvados Hors d’Age and wanted to use it in a recipe. I have always enjoyed the effect of lighting alcohol over a dish, it is quite dramatic and the chemical reaction adds a heightened flavour to the food. The technique to “Flamber” (trad: to flame) a dish is traced back to Moorish recipes in the 1300s. It became very popular in France in the 1900s.


escalope de porc aux pommes flambes 014 (400x371)For this week’s recipe I wanted an accompaniment to some pork escalopes and I had some lovely Granny Smith apples which I decided would work, caramelised in butter then flambeed in Calvados (apple brandy). The combination was absolutely delicious but you have to be very careful when lighting the alcohol, always turn off the overhead extractor. I used a beautiful old Calvados, which must have had a very high alcohol content as the pan immediately filled with flames, in fact I thought the whole kitchen would catch on fire. Luckily I still have my eyebrows! See the recipe at this link


I decided to pair this dish with A.Minima, a dry, fruity white blended wine from Domaine Trapet in Alsace. Its aromatic exotic fruits taste and freshness was a great combination with the apples and pork. It has low sulphites and is created with absolute minimal intervention (hence the name) allowing the natural flavour of the wine to develop. You can find the full list of wines at this link.


My Burgundy wine tasting on the 1st of October is nearly full, if you would like more details or wish to book please contact me. It is being held at Bistrot Bizerca on Heritage Square, where you can be certain to have a traditional French bistro style meal after the tasting. Laurent Deslandes the owner and Head chef is highly reknowned and deserves all the credit for the food that he prepares, it has the quality of ‘fine dining’ in a relaxed environment.

 I wish you a great weekend and a peaceful outcome for Scotland.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.




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