French Market Newsletter – Spring has arrived – Peugeot 607 for sale -Sibratsgefeller bergkaese – Michel Lafarge Meursault 2010 -Recipe Crepes fourrees aux Poireux

Dear French Market Shoppers,

Spring is here and the Cape is blooming. I had a special reason to celebrate as I was allowed to remove the air-boot from my ankle at last, which enabled me to drive my manual car again. This little car has an electric roof which meant that I could drive on the 1st day of Spring with the roof down, it was such an amazing feeling of freedom. As a result I am now selling my large automatic Peugeot 607. If anyone is interested please contact me for more details.

My new cheeses arrived safely (except for the Cantal which disappeared somewhere between Paris and Cape Town) and the Delice triple cream has been selling like hot cakes. Another new cheese in this week is the Sibratsgefeller Bergkaese, a 14 month matured raw milk cheese which has a delicious flavour. I can see that everyone is starting to prepare picnics and lovely outdoor meals so cheese and pate platters are a great combination which I can prepare for you, plus, of course, a bottle of good French wine.

On the wine side I received three bottles of a beautiful Michel Lafarge Meursault 2010. It has a fresh citrus nose with a lovely minerality. As it ages it will gain more body and develop a rich flavour with tastes of pastry. The wine can be kept for at least another 5 years.

I have also received a list of a limited stock (i.e. 1 or 2 bottles only) of some older Bordeaux Wines which can be ordered from me. These include several Grand Crus including a Chateau Margaux Pavillion Rouge 2000. Please contact me if you would like the full list.

I have received several booking for my Burgundy wine tasting and cheese pairing on the 1st of October. As space is limited please remember to contact me to reserve a place and I will send you all the details.

IMG_8696 (400x365)It is such a long time since I made crêpes (pancakes) and I suddenly had this urge to eat them. In France they originated in La Bretagne (Brittany) in the Middle Ages when buckwheat (Sarrasin) was introduced and planted on the wild moorlands. Only last century did white flour start being used to make pancakes. Crepes are still a traditional dish of Brittany and are usually served with a bowl of cider. I had forgotten how easy and versatile they are to make (even the tossing). The batter must be very thin and should stand for at least a couple of hours. I make mine the day before I cook. As my lemon tree is still happily producing beautiful lemons I made an interesting savoury recipe which involves leeks, fresh lemons and cream. This is an ideal dish to serve vegetarians. The wine I chose to pair with it was the Bordeaux Blanc 2012, a white wine from Domaine Cheval Noir. The blend is 80% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Semillon and 10% Muscadel which goes well with the different flavours in the crepe. Click here to link to the recipe .

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you again soon,




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