French Market Newsletter – Happy Womens Day – Rose Champagne -Private wine collection list – Recipe Omelette souflee aux champignons

Dear French Market Shoppers,

This Saturday 9th of August is South Africa’s National Women’s Day and a time to celebrate what wonderful people we are J. I hope that all your partners are busy planning some special treat for you. If you think they need a hint then I suggest you let them know that we have some beautiful Rosé Champagnes in stock. What more could you wish for, I know that champagne is my favourite treat and Rose is such a feminine colour.


Apparently we are in for a lovely sunny weekend so make the most of it as we have all had enough of the cold winter rain. I suggest that you invite some friends around for an easy lunch of French terrines, cheeses, wine and some baguettes, absolutely no cooking is required. I have loads of delicious smelly and more delicate cheeses in stock this week, my mature Brie de Meaux is on special again.


My wine stock is growing, I have added a few new wines this week. I have tried to extend the range to include different styles from the best regions. I have received a beautiful Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume from William Fevre. This is the most famous of their Premier Crus, Fourchaume is located on the right bank which has a marl-rich topsoil which creates complex rich wines ideal for maturing. Grapes are hand-picked and pressings are short. This wine is characterised by a complex bouquet of fresh fruits and white flowers with the mineral quality typical of a fine Chablis. Please click here For the full wine and spirits list in stock this week.


I have placed my Private Collection list on my website, click on this link to see it, this is a list of special French wines of limited quantities which I order as requested. All the wines have been sourced directly from the Estates and are transported in temperature controlled environment from the estate to South Africa. Great care is taken to ensure that the wines are carefully handled and not exposed to temperature changes. If you have any special wine requirements please let me know and I will advise if it is possible to source the wine for you. For example, at the request of a client, I recently sourced the last 3 available bottles of Batard Montrachet 2011 produced by Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey who is recognised as a top producer of this special wine.


My stock of Herbes de Provence has been selling quickly as it has a unique flavour due probably to Sarriette, a herb that we do not grow here. I add them into almost every dish I make as I love their subtle flavours. After a long day’s work the last thing I feel like is making a complicated meal, but I still feel like something tasty. For my recipe this week I made one of my favourite quick and easy dishes, a fluffy mushroom omelette with Herbes from Provence. To make it more interesting I add some fresh garlic and make a “soufflée” by whisking the egg white. I find that a young shiraz wine from the Rhone, pairs well with the taste of the mushrooms. Chateau St Cosme make a lovely, fresh Cotes du Rhone 2012 which works well with this recipe. Please click on this link to view the recipe Omelette Soufflée aux Champignons et des Herbes de Provence or download the pdf.


Have fun on Womens Day on Saturday and see you soon.



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