Newsletter Faure concert competition- Piment d’Espelette – Herbes de Provence

Dear French Market Shoppers,
I am safely back from France after a wonderful but too short a trip, it again reinforced my love of the food and environment that places good food and appreciation of fine wines at the centre of a good life plus the French couture and perfumes are so impressive.
Travelling through Paris I realised that one quickly loses touch with the latest fashions, I used to go across regularly when I worked for Air France and felt at home there – I took for granted the beautiful French woman dressed in the latest clothes, even the most casual outfits worn with such a flair as they walk down the street with a whiff of a subtle perfume in their wake.  One of the big fashion gurus in Paris is Ines de la Fressange, not only was she a model for Chanel, she also comes from one of the old French families – at 51 this classically beautiful, tall French women proves how you can still have a serious impact on trends no matter your age. Many Parisians treat her style advice as serious “must do” I remember her commenting that it was fine to wear a string of exquisite pearls with jeans but pearls were no longer “a la mode” as formal wear. Now I am back, Paris seems like life on another planet. Its memory lies in my Guerlain perfume and memories of incredible meals and lots of cheese.
I did manage to bring back some special things for the shop: a small stock of Piment d’Espelette , the unique and delicately flavoured mild chilli pepper from the Basque country and some Herbes de Provnce. if you would like some please drop me a line. There is, of course, all our stock of beautiful French cheese and pates.
Its Fathers Day on Sunday so if you love your Dad then the best gift you can give him is a wonderful platter of French cheese and pates!
I have a little competition for you – the Endler Concert Series at the University of Stellenbosch will be presenting a special concert of Faure’s most beautiful French choral music on Sunday 22 June at 16:30. The Music department has generously given me 2 sets of 2 tickets to offer as a prize to you. To enter the competition you have to answer the following questions, the 2 first correct replies will win a set each of 2 tickets for this concert.  You will find the answers in the brochure on the programme.
1 What was Faure’s nationality
2 What is Schola Cantorum
3 Where will Endler Concert on Sunday 22 June take place.
Please email your answers to me and I will announce the winners during this coming week.
Tonight I am in hospital as I am having an ankle replacement tomorrow, hopefully this will fix my ankle and I shall be up and about again soon. As a result I am limited in time and actions so I will not be sending a recipe over the next couple of weeks. Diana is again looking after the shop and my team of wonderful helpers so please keep them busy. And when I come back I will launch my French wines, champagnes and spirits as I have got my liquor licence at last.
I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Best regards

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