Weekly Newsletter – Mothers Day 11 May – Duck Mousse – Petit Suisse – Preserved fruits – Recipe 18 -2014 Poires au Bleu d’Auvergne – Baked pears with Blue cheese from the Auvergne

Dear French Market shoppers,

Today is the 1st of May, for some this is a holiday, however in the service industries we are all on duty to look after our clients. When I worked at Heathrow for Air France, I remember well how each year, on this day, Terminal 2 would be lit up by the arrival of our beautiful air hostesses with baskets of fresh Muguets, (lilies of the valley). These elegant girls stepped off the planes from Paris, handed out the muguets to the passengers in the terminal then returned back on the flight to Paris. This gracious French tradition of exchanging a branch of muguet still happens across France (somehow I do not think that it still happens at Heathrow any more). I planted some in my garden in France last year I hope they survived the winter.


I have been advised that my liquor licence application approval is imminent and will hopefully be finalised within a couple of days, (please cross your fingers for me as its taken months)  if that is granted, the first thing I will get in is some French champagne for Mother’s day gifts- as a mother I cannot think of anything I would rather get .  I will send out a special message as soon as I know. Our Gardens shopping centre is also preparing for Mother’s day gifts with decorated stalls in front of the different shops from the 6 – 11th with lots of ideas for presents for Mothers. I have ordered a few more of my Venetian cakes as these were a great success at Easter and make a lovely present and I have ordered some other little gift ideas. But of course a gift of French cheese tied up with pink ribbon is a great idea too.


I finally received the Duck and Port mousse and its selling quickly. I also received some beautiful saucisson sec made with herbes de provence and some coated with black peppercorns. I have a new stock of Raclette and Petit Suisses. I have all my traditional cheeses in stock so come in and have a taste of something different.


The crackers for cheese also came in last Friday and sold out – more arrive at lunchtime tomorrow. These crackers are very light and the are packed in small quantities so if you don’t eat all of them the rest stay sealed and fresh. I always like to have a little nibble when I have a glass of wine so I ordered in small packets of mini olive flavoured biscuits which are ideal to go with a drink. The flavour of green olive is delicious so I am getting more of them plus some mini biscuits flavoured with tomato. I also received some beautifully preserved fruit – cherries, blueberries and orange. These are ideal as a topping for ice cream, as a filling for a cake or a hot sauce over a desert. See my price list page for more details.


finished pears 004 (400x286)The recent spate of public holidays is giving us several long weekends which enables visits from friends and families. This means lots of entertaining and trying to find interesting but easy recipes to serve. One of my regular clients, Anita Saunders, shared a recipe with me for a delicious desert of baked pears with a blue cheese topping, to which I added a couple of extra ideas. I used Bleu d’Auvergne which is a creamy blue cheese, full of flavour, from the Massif Central in the heart of France. There, the ancient volcanic region became an area of large pastures where the Arvernii, an ancient Gallic tribe, grazed their cows and first created this beautiful cheese. This is an interesting dish as it combines the desert course, the cheese course, nuts and the after dinner port. See attached recipe or view all this year’s recipes at: http://frenchmarket.co.za/french-recipes/all-recipes-in-2014/


I look forward to seeing you again soon at La Cremerie shop.



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