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Dear French Market Shoppers,

Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry sconeI am currently sitting on top of Dartmoor in the South West of England where I have been enjoying catching up with my family and eating scones and strawberries with loads of Devonshire clotted cream. This is a unique cream and is produced by scalding the milk and spooning off the top layer. I grew up on this cream and it is always the first thing I eat when I return to the moors. I am sure this is the reason why I like cheese so much. Sadly the cream does not travel well so I cannot share it with you. Apart from clotted cream this part of Devon has beautiful, wild countryside which has not changed in centuries. Right now there are fields of wild bluebells and lots of Dartmoor ponies and their foals browsing on the moors (see attached image), it reminded me of the many times I used to ride on my own little pony across the moors.Dartmoor ponies


Cape Town and my shop seem to belong to another world but I am still in close contact with my wonderful helpers who are looking after the shop until my return on the 5th. I have made sure that the shop is fully of plenty of delicious cheeses and the pates which everyone has been pleased to see back in stock. I also have lots of interesting dry goods to tempt you.


The most Pesto Marin seaweed and basilunusual and interesting range of products that I introduced to the French Market shop recently is the seaweed range from Brittany, where you have the largest natural seaweed fields in the world; with over 800 different varieties growing along the coast. Seaweed is full of minerals so highly beneficial for one’s health. Many of you have already tried the pearl flavour balls. For this week’s recipe I tried the Pesto Marin which is made with Sea Lettuce and Basil. The Sea Lettuce (laitue de mer) looks a bit like our garden lettuce and grows on rocks. It is harvested twice a year. The pesto appears like the traditional mix but has a very slight sea flavour. It can be served in many ways, an ideal combination to serve with cocktails are little toasts with smoked trout topped with pesto. I decided to make a pure vegetarian dish with pasta mixed with the pesto surrounded by baby tomatoes and field mushrooms. It is quick, easy, colourful and tasty. Click here to see all my 2014 recipes 


Communication is not easy here as I am staying in an old granite stone cottage through the walls of which data cannot travel. We have to hang out of windows to pick up a signal. I am checking mails from time to time so please do not hesitate to email me if you need to order something or make contact with me but I may not reply instantly to you.

I look forward to seeing you soon




“That woman behind the counter “

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