Weekly newsletter: Mothers Day 11 May French cheese platters – Week of Taste SA: French / SA gourmet dinner experience -Recipe 19 -2014 Glace aux figues fraiches avec des perles au saveur de figue – Fresh fig ice cream

Dear French Market Shoppers,
Thank you to those who contacted me last week to let me know that they could not open the Recipe Pears with Bleu d’Auvergne, I had not saved it correctly. Please let me know if you would like the corrected version and I will send it to you.


 Yesterday, after we had voted, we had one of our famous gourmet lunches and I was tasked with making the desert. I decided to base my desert on figs as they are currently in season. I also have several new fig based products in the shop that I was keen to try out. I made real ice cream with chopped fresh figs for the first time and found it easy (as I have an ice cream maker) but it’s a slow process as you have to allow time for it to freeze. I topped the slice of ice cream with a swirl of Balsamic fig glaze, this has a sweet flavour with a hint of the balsamic underneath. I then added a teaspoon of the Purple Fig and Santongo chocolate sauce which is divine, then I topped this with a few fig flavoured pearls. These amazing little balls burst in your mouth as you eat them and have a delicious fig taste. I served the desert with a Prosecco to which I added a few fig pearls. The whole combination worked incredibly well and was quite easy to put together. You can substitute ready-made ice cream if you are short of time and just decorate it with the sauces and fig pearls.
See all this year’s recipes at: http://frenchmarket.co.za/french-recipes/all-recipes-in-2014/


If you have not yet decided what to give your mother on Sunday then I suggest come and visit the Gardens shopping centre as there are gift ideas on display in front of each shop to help you decide. Still no news on my liquor licence so my recommendation is to give your mother a beautiful platter of French cheese. I am often asked if I can make recommendations for platters. I usually suggest slices of 5 different types from different regions to answer to the different tastes of ones guests. To match the guests who have delicate taste buds I recommend the following combination: a slice of pasteurised creamy brie, a piece of Delice triple cream cheese from Burgundy, some Bleu d’Auvergne a mild creamy blue, a slice of Tomme de Savoie a firm textured unpasteurised alpine cheese and a slice of Cantal which has a fudgy texture and delicious but not overpowering taste. For the guests who prefer more robust flavoured cheese I recommend the following combinations: some unpasteurised Brie de Meaux or Camembert from Normandie, some Epoisses a pungent creamy cheese that has been washed in brandy from Burgundy, a slice of Roquefort a strong salty cheese from the South, a 10 months matured Comte from the Jura with a lovely nutty flavour and some unpasteurised Morbier which has a layer of ash and a distinctive flavour.


A new foodie experience is coming up this month. Entitled the Week of Taste SA, it is being organised by the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS), the Délégation Générale des Alliances Françaises (DGAF), the network of Alliances Françaises in South Africa, and Lesotho in partnership with The Forum Company for Johannesburg and Cape Town. The full programme can be seen at www.weekoftaste.co.za. Of interest to me are the Diner Gourmand described as a 4-handed French inspired dinner. Two chefs (4 hands) create one menu… A French chef and South African chef will bring their culinary creativity together in creating a gastronomic dinner experience. In Cape Town these dinners will be held at the legendary Fair Seat house in Bishops Court on 22 and 23 May. Bookings and more information can be had from turbinebookings@theforum.co.za


I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and the weekend which I hear will be fairly wet so its time to light the fire and bring out the red wine and cheese!
To all the mums out there, I hope you get spoilt Smile on Sunday and have a restful day.

I look forward to seeing you again soon at La Cremerie shop.


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