Weekly Newsletter -New cheeses: Petit Livarot – Pont l Eveque – Pecorino di Sardo – Recipe Roulade de Saumon et Petit Suisse avec salade d’avocat

Hullo French Market shoppers,

I was thrilled that Cape Town city was crowned the Global Earth Hour Capital winner for 2014, it just goes to show that the plans and actions underway by our city leaders, to combat climate change and develop a more sustainable city for us to live in, are aligned with the global movement. Many of my clients told me that they had celebrated by turning off their lights and had candlelit suppers with friends.

salmon avo salad 018 (400x322)For my contribution to Earth Hour I decided to create a recipe that did not require any electricity to prepare it. I lit plenty of candles, poured myself a glass of Krone Borealis to celebrate the event and prepared and ate my recipe in the candle light. I made a smoked salmon and Petit Suisse roulade salad. It was quite delicious and so easy to make. The cream cheese harmonises perfectly with the smoked salmon and the avocado dressed with lemon juice offers a counter balance to the creaminess. See recipe at http://frenchmarket.co.za/french-recipes/all-recipes-in-2014/suzannes-recipe-14-2014-roulade-de-saumon-fummee-et-petit-suisse-avec-la-salade-davocat/

This year continues to rush by and we are into the next round of school holidays. With the cooler weather clients have been making hot cheese dishes, a Swiss client of mine was delighted to make a Fondue with some of my Emmental and Comte. He told me that his son said it was the best one that he had tasted. The Fromage Frais and Petit Suisse have sold really quickly and I hope to get more in a week’s time. The popularity of the Fromage Frais in many current diets is due to its unctuous creamy texture whilst having a 0% fat content.

I have heard the weather is going to warm up again this weekend with rumours of 30degrees on Sunday – so we can still plan some outdoor meals.  Tomorrow afternoon I will receive a couple of Petit Livarot (a smelly, washed rind cheese in the shape of a Colonel’s cap), and Pont L’Eveque a less pungent cheese. Both are unique, famous cheeses from Normandie. I will also have a couple of soft, flavoursome St Marcellin from the Dauphine. Please let me know if you want me to put one aside as I have only brought in a limited stock.

The 24 months matured Parmigianno Reggianno is very popular, especially to my Italian clients as it has a beautiful rich flavour and is perfect for grating over pastas and risottos. I have often been asked for Pecorino, a Ewe’s milk cheese from Italy, I have finally sourced a really special Pecorino Sardo (aka Fiore Sardo) which comes from Sardinia. It should arrive in the shop by tomorrow lunch time so come in and try some.

With the school holidays and all the special festivals coming up this month there will be a lot of entertaining, do let me know if you wish me to help you plan a cheese board as I am happy to give you my advice.

I look forward to seeing you again soon a La Cremerie shop, have a warm weekend.


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