Weekly Newsletter – Fromage Frais – Petit Suisse – Bufala Mozarella – Recipe 16 -2014 Pommes de terre farcis avec Ricotta et herbes du jardin

Dear French Market shoppers,
This week has been far busier than usual as everyone prepared for Pesach and the Easter weekend. Many family members are in town and lots of special meals have been planned. I managed to get in a stock of beautifully wrapped Venetian Easter Cakes, La Veneziana. This style of cake is traditionally eaten in Venice on Easter Sunday after the main dinner. The cake is made with leavened dough to which dried fruits and other delights are added. It is ideal to accompany an after-dinner coffee. They are beautifully wrapped and tied up with ribbon to which is attached a small coin, known as an Osella. The story being that the old Dukes of Venice would give them to their council members in recognition of their services. They are a perfect gift if you are invited to a meal over this Easter weekend. They are literally selling like hot cakes so if you want me to put one aside for you please drop me an email.

Many of you have asked if we are closed over this weekend – I would like to reassure you that we will be open every day from 9 am but we close at 2 pm tomorrow, Sunday and Monday being Public holidays and Saturday we are open from 9 am to 5pm, so you can come and stock up with lots of delicious cheeses, cakes and other treats for this weekend’s family meals and picnics.


I have received lots of new cheese, all the usual favourites including a stock of Petit Suisse and Fromage Frais – the wonderful creamy 0% fat, fresh cream cheese from Normandie. I use it often instead of cream as it has the same consistency but no fat, it is also used a lot in the new diets. I have more stock of the small 150g and 250g camemberts which are great for gifts and picnics. The Bufala Mozarella sold out very quickly last week so I have brought in a few more . My fridges are absolutely full so you will not be disappointed as I have plenty of everything. The Pearls of flavour have also been incredibly popular, I cant wait to make a dish with them this weekend. We came up with ideas such as Golden Rose pearls in champagne, Balsamic pearls with Caprese salad, fig pearls with fresh figs and cream cheese, truffle pearls on a green salad to name just a few.


Last weekend I had great pleasure in watching Swan Lake performed by the Cape Town Ballet Company. It was beautifully danced, the costumes and scenes were excellent and the music was so stirring. We are lucky to have such talent here in Cape Town. On Saturday I am making my way to the Bay Theatre to see the final show by my favourite SA actor Pieter Dirk Uys in Adapt or Fly. If you have not booked yet I can highly recommend that you catch our renowned Evita and other members of Pieter’s extended family as he pulls apart our current events.


I thought I worked hard but I think my daughter in the US beats me, she and her small band of chefs, have been catering for 1000 private guests a day over 4 days last weekend, at a ranch next to Coachella, the largest US music festival in the desert near Palm Springs. On the last evening she was given a VIP access ticket and ferried to the show in the latest BMW7 series as a thanks by her employers for the hard work. Now that’s doing it in style – today she flies to New York to start looking at their operations there. Its fun to be that age with such amazing opportunities open.


baked pots 001 (400x369)I have often been asked to bring in genuine Ricotta cheese from Italy. The real stuff is not well known here. This is a soft, white cheese made from whey, after the curds have been used to make other cheese. The whey is treated, then boiled, after which it is strained. The resulting creamy cheese has a delicate, slightly tart flavour and the texture has a slight crumbliness on the tongue. It can be eaten as is or used in many recipes. I decided to do stuffed potatoes with some garlic and home grown herbs for an easy family dish. I have a range of Xeres (spanish) Jerez (Portuguese) sherry vinegar in the shop, I added a teaspoonful of this to the filling and it gives is a delicious subtle tang. You can moderate the garlic quantity if you don’t like a strong garlic flavour, maybe that is why my kitty Bella did not want to be near me after I ate this last night!


I wish you a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you again soon a La Cremerie shop.


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