Weekly Newsletter – Flavoured pearls seaweed products from Brittany – Mozarrella di Buffala – Ricotta-Mascarpone- Recipe Oeufs Mimosa

Dear French Market shoppers,
I have always believed that the weather only changes in Cape Town to Autumn after Easter and despite our short chilly spell, we have been cooking this week and tomorrow it will be 32 degrees again so lets enjoy the last of summer and plan some picnics and alfresco meals.
I am always looking for new products, today I have received a consignment of innovative products made with seaweed from Brittany. Seaweed is a very popular food in the East and this has spread to the West. It is highly nutritious and versatile.  I have some flavoured Pearls made using molecular technology – they look beautiful. They are little balls full of flavour that burst in your mouth. Think of Balsamic Pearls or Truffle pearls that can be used to decorate savoury dishes and Golden rose Pearls to decorate deserts. Or fruit pearls to drop in cocktails. I also have some chutneys to go with cheese for example Dulse (red seaweed) and red onions or Wakame and Orange. I have some Marine tartare and a Seaweed Pesto. Come in and check them out. They will also make original presents for friends who enjoy food and have everything else. The price details are on the price list on my website.
I have lots of my beautiful French cheeses in stock,  including an incredibly ripe, creamy Brie. I have brought in more of the small boxes of Camembert from Normandie as these are great to take as a gift for a dinner instead of chocolates. As we are coming up to a lot of Public holidays when most of us will be entertaining family and friends I am sure you will want to be having a cheese board. I love it when my clients come in and ask me for advice as we can select just what is most suitable for your special occasion so do not hesitate.
Last week’s Pecorino di Sardo sold out within 24 hours, my clients commentated on  the delicious flavour I have reordered a larger quantity. Based on this reaction I decided to bring in a small quantity of genuine Mozzarella di Bufala, Ricotta and Mascarpone as I have often been asked for these cheeses too.
Tomorrow I am getting in a new country terrine, a rosette de Lyon (French salami) , some saucisson sec with hazelnut and some with wild boar. My main pate stock will arrive towards the end of the month.
I was look ing at ideas for Easter meals and the dishes that come up all the time include either eggs, lamb or chocolate. In France Oeufs Mimosa are stuffed, hard boiled eggs. There appears to be endless variations for the filling for this very easy and tasty dish. It can be served as canapés, as a starter or a main course and it takes just a few minutes to prepare. I decided on 2 different fillings, one with green peppercorns which has a peppery bite and a Provençal style filling with hints of garlic, olives, gherkins and anchovies. Basically you can use anything and mix it with a good mayonnaise. The eggs are colourful, set on a bed of lettuce. See my recipe pages.
Please remember that we are open every day through the holiday period but we close at 2pm on Public holidays.
I look forward to seeing you again soon a La Cremerie shop.

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