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Dear French Market Shoppers,
I do so enjoy listening to the radio on the way to work and the interview with the courageous Public Protector this morning made me realise that I have some gaps in the security around my house. I had no idea I needed a pool for myself and my friends to jump into in the event of fire nor did I realise that a chicken run is an absolute must for anyone in the countryside; presumably in the event of an invasion of hungry foxes. The SABC interviewer even commented that ”chicken runs are quite usual in England”….really? I live and learn – must be because they have banned fox hunting. Just think about all the fun you can have tomorrow while you relax and plan the upgrade of your home security.
Its a long weekend in Cape Town, so lets celebrate our freedom – I love our city for having entertainment and activity for all of us. In celebration of Human Rights Day tomorrow there is the”We are One Colour” Festival on the Grand parade from noon, with local bands and packets of coloured powder to throw around, it should be lots of fun if you like contemporary music and coloured powder all over you. In complete contrast a slightly more peaceful experience can be listening to a recital of Schubert by the Amici quartet at the little church on the corner of Buitengracht and Somerset roads tomorrow evening at 8pm
Tomorrow we will be open from 9 until 2pm, then normal trading on Saturday and Sunday so you can come in and shop up a storm. There is a brand new shop just opened opposite my shop called Liv’in and it has lots of beautiful imported implements for the kitchen which I am looking forward to browsing around. I have plenty of stock of cheese for your weekend parties and picnics. The Bries and Camembert are perfectly ripe and happily oozing away. Do come in and sample some. If you are entertaining friends this weekend then I suggest a selection of French cheeses will round off any meal that you serve and I will be happy to help you with recommendations. I get wonderful feedback from many clients on the selections that I recommend for them.
I have a range of jars of terrines which are ideal for a picnic or outdoor meal. There is a wide variety of flavours including country pork, duck with armagnac, wild Boar, Hare with rosemary,  Quail with grapes to mention just a few….. One of my clients sails around the world and takes a stock of my pates with him so they must be good. They bake bread on the boat then open a terrine somewhere in the middle of the sea and enjoy a taste of France.
For my weekly recipe I usually stick to fairly easy dishes, however this week I had to make the main course for our Gourmet lunch and my friends always turn out such interesting dishes that I knew I had to make a bigger effort. It is true  that the best traditional French sauces have to cook very slowly and include beautiful ingredients. I have some frozen French duck legs at the shopCuisse de canard a la sauce de Cassis and I imagined them slow cooked with a beautiful Cassis sauce which I also stock. I marinated them in red wine for 24 hours then cooked them for 2 and a half  hours before basting them with the Cassis (blackcurrant) sauce from my shop. They were unbelievably tasty and worth the extra work. I served them on a potato, chestnut puree with some carrots glazed with honey. The rest of the cassis sauce tasted even better the day after on top of some mashed potato. This is a great recipe as we go into autumn because it is a rich dish and full of flavour. It took a long time to prepare but was not technically difficult to make. See my recipe page    
I wish you a wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon.

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