Weekly newsletter: Autumn is coming? Freshly Ground at De Waal Park – New stock raw goats milk camembert and Bergkase

Dear French Market Shoppers,

The Cycle Tour has come and gone in a whizz of bikes. 34,500 cyclists crossed the line and I was at the Finish to see Nolan arrive in an impressive 2 hours 39seconds ( after 105kms) the look of joy on his face was amazing. The buzz around the Finish tent was tangible with several top SA and international cyclists all congregating after the race and still bubbling with energy. It was interesting to see their age range is up to mid 20s only. On Monday I attended the full prize giving with the winners of the different age groups from 14 to over 80. The older winners prove that age does not have to be restriction and made me think guiltily of my dormant training bike.  I presented the Alain Huchon floating trophy to Norwegian Joachim Pettersson, it was captured by his friend on twitter pic.twitter.com/vBRIgdUh1I

I have a feeling that we may have an early autumn as the last couple of evenings have been cool enough (under 20degrees) to make me hunt for a jersey. I suppose we will just have to uncork the red wine and start hibernating early.. whatever happened to our summer?  This weekend’s forecast is mild and sunny.

On this Saturday from 2pm my many German clients may be interested in the annual “Gardenfest” being held at the German Ambassador’s Residence in Bishopscourt. It is organised by the German speaking Rotary Club Am Kap and the funds raised will go to their community projects. Please email  me if you would like me to send you the e-flyer.

If you are looking for some rousing music, the Last night of the Proms is on at the City Hall on Saturday and Sunday evening. This event is organised by the Rotary Club of Wynberg in support of St Luke’s Hospice. More info can be found on the FMR site. And Freshly Ground are playing at Dewaal Park this Sunday so take a blanket and a picnic of French cheese and pate and relax and enjoy the concert.

cheese straws and garlic dip

cheese straws and garlic dip

I am always interested in the way the French adopt English words into contemporary French vocabulary. For example the culinary word “dip”  is known in French as “le dip” , instead of the translation “la trempette”. The English word is then further franglicised into a verb “Dipper”: to Dip. Personally I prefer the sound of French words, “Dip” sounds so ’MacDos” (franglais for MacDonalds). A Trempette is ideal to serve with an “apero” or as part of a picnic. The accompaniment can be  cheese straws or thin sliced vegetables. In this week’s recipe my “Trempette” is an amazing garlic and fresh cream cheese mixture. I made some cheese straws using Woolies butter puff pastry which rose beautifully. It took just a couple of minutes to prepare everything and the result was delicious. See my recipe page.

I have plenty of beautiful French cheese in stock this week and I have received some Chevrette, small raw goat’s milk camembert which are handmade by Edwin, an Austrian cheese maker.

raw goat;s milk with camembert style crust handmade by Edwin
raw goat;s milk with camembert style crust handmade by Edwin

Some are plain and some are rolled in dried herbs. I have also received more stock of Edwin’s 14 months Bergkase which has so much flavour due to its maturity. You are always welcome to come along and taste the cheeses

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you again soon.



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