French Market Newsletter- Happy Valentine’s Day – Tomme Noire des Pyrenees – Lentilles de Puy – Recipe Quiche au blanc de volaille et truffe blanche- Chicken breast and white truffle quiche

Dear French Market Shoppers,

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you who are celebrating. I hope that you are spoilt and have a wonderful tête a tête dinner with some good French cheese this evening. For those of you who are still looking for something to do tonight, I hear there is a concert under the stars at the Castle of Good Hope with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra who are celebrating their 100th birthday this month. For those who want something completely different you can visit De Waal Park to listen to the free concert on Sunday at 4pm which features the Rudimentals, an Afro-Ska band and the urban rockers band the Rescu.I must admit to looking up the definition of Ska music, as I had no clue – apparently it originated in Jamaica in  the 50s and is a combination of calypso with Jazz and rhythm & blues – should be interesting.

With the opening of parliament yesterday traffic was chaotic with jams all over the city. I was riveted to my seat last night as I watched enthralled, every sound and expression held me captive, and no, I was not talking about the SONA address by the current SA President, but someone far more appealing to the ears an eyes, a young Russian pianist, Boris Kusnezow, playing a sonata by Schubert from memory, in the beautiful setting of the German Residence. This was one of the unique Cape Classic concerts, the quality is outstanding and I strongly recommend you check out their programme which ends on 22 February.


My new cheese stock is selling well particularly the Coeur de Neufchatel and Fromage frais which sold out quickly. If you are looking for something really special I still  have a couple of Mont D’or which are vacherin style cheeses.


I have received a large Tomme Noire de Pyrenees Vache. This black rind wheel of cow’s milk cheese comes from the mountains on the western edge of France. The cheese texture is medium firm and light cream coloured with a delicate but distinctive buttery flavour. Please refer to the attached price list for the full details of all cheeses available.

I have also received some Lentilles de Puy AOC. These unique green lentils grow in  the Puy Valley, an old volcanic area, which earth gives the lentils their unique mineral flavour. They are smaller than most green lentils and ideal for a salad as they don’t get mushy. Apparently the harvest has diminished over the last 2 years, presumably due to the changing weather patterns,  therefore there is now a limited stock for export, do let me know if you would like me to keep you a box.

We are in for a hot weekend, Sunday is set to be the hottest so far this summer with a forecast of 39 degrees, just right for some outdoor lunches in the shade or around a pool. I needed to make a main course for a casual supper outdoors on the patio. I always enjoy making quiches as the flavours can be varied and this goes well with a green salad. Everything can be prepared in advance and the quiche popped in the oven just beforehand. I love the aroma of truffles and have been wanting to make a recipe with some of the white truffle products that I have in the shop. One of my customers puts a teaspoon of truffle butter on top of a grilled steak, another adds some to a cream sauce over pasta.  I think the key to success is not to add too much or it becomes too pungent. For my quiche I decided to combine some white truffle butter, truffle oil, and delicate chicken breast meat. The combination worked beautifully and the quiche had a delicate waft of truffles as I served it. See attached recipe for all the details.

I have just loaded the full price list and am trying to get the images right on the recipe images lay out – so be patient with me. You can also share your comments on the recipes when you try them out.

I am looking for a helper during the week for two weeks at the end of May /early June – if you know of anyone please let me know.

I wish you a relaxed, hot weekend, and look forward to seeing you at La Crémerie, French market shop again soon.


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